Homeless Cat Center "Koci Zakatek"

We want to make the most of our vast experience, great love for cats and skilled volunteers to create a modern and professional space for neglected cats.

To operate one place to treat cat’s illness, perform surgeries and provide hospital care to cats will take us to the next level of homeless cat’s care, support local cat’s carers and help to save more lives of homeless and unwanted animals.

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cat extending its paw to a human

In our Cat Center we will provide:

  • patch with a paw

    veterinary care

  • cat's head

    neutering to cut down on homelesness of cats

  • house with heart

    a place in the hospital for recovering and rehoming

  • hand with heard

    everyday care of the best volunteers

  • veterinary student cap

    opportunity to gain invaluable experience to students of veterinary faculty

  • behaviorist with a cat

    a space for cat lovers to volunteer in socializing cats

Such an innovative place for unwanted cats is our dream. We strongly believe that together we can make a difference and succeed.

We have a place!

After long search and negotiations we hired a place of 77 sqm. But there is a long way ahead of us: refurbishment and furnishing.

photos of homeless cats center before renovation
photo of the center before renovation

We only lack – money... That is why we – as we have before - count on you, symphatetic people who understand and approve the need of helping animals.

We are looking for skilled volunteers:

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    ventilation specialists

  • bulb icon


  • carpet icon

    floor and carpeting specialist

...and other people who did or managed any flat renowation and can help with other work that's needed.

Wrote about us

Inflation is hitting clinics, people throw cats out. The "Koci Zakatek" Foundation collects funds for their shelter.

...this is the beginning of the article written by Gazeta Wyborcza about our initiative.

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laptop with an article about koci zakatek

Please donate any amount

Help us save more cat lives

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photo of cat metamorphosis
Let cats have longer and safer life – just like happened to our Samara as you can see on the photos.