How can you help?

Make a donation

You can make a single payment of a donation to our bank account any time of the year. You can also make it regular like a monthly payment of the same amount. Each donation is some cat food or a&nsbp;toy or a veterinary invoice paid.

Payment details:

Account number: 38 1240 6768 1111 0010 6579 9904


IBAN: PL 38 1240 6768 1111 0010 6579 9904

Payment name: for statutory goal

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Send a donation

You can also use the PayPal platform to make a donation.

Use the included form to donate whether it is a single payment or on the regular basis.

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Send 1% of your tax

If you work and pay taxes in Poland, you can support us with 1% of your tax when you make your annual tax statement. It would be even easier to do if you make your annual tax statement via PITax and choose Koci Zakatek from the list of organisations or just use the link below.


Our Foundation details:

Fundacja Koci Zakatek, Wroclaw

NIP: 8992692671

REGON: 021258044

KRS: 0000356442

Join our team

You can simply choose what you want to do. It might involve contact with cats or some marketing issues. It might be a long term commitment or some single actions during the year. We are giving you options and it is you who decides how much time you can invest helping us.

Join our team
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Become a foster carer

Almost everyone can do it! You don’t need to have a big flat or other extras to take care of a cat. The most essential are providing love, safety and responsible care. Foster care is a huge opportunity for any cat and we need it constantly. Your help in socialising the cat, giving him/her comfort in a home environment is priceless.

Become a foster carer
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Organise a collection for cats

We always welcome some gifts of cat food or litter. You can organise one at work or at some special occasion like a wedding or birthday.

You can also participate in some action we organise and announce on our social media.

Organise a collection
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Help cats in your neighbourhood

When you spot a cat or a bunch of cats in your neighbourhood or where you work, try to reach some local animal organisations or animal shelter at once. Remember: you can always consider taking a cat home and help him yourself. See how to get Wroclaw city’s help.

See actual information
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Adopt a cat

You can change the life of a particular cat by offering him a loving and responsible home with you. See what you should consider and meet our cats, awaiting adoption.

About adoption
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Do you have some ideas on how to support us?

We are listening!

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