Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01 There is no phone number on your website, why?

    We work in the foundation as volunteers. We must reconcile caring for cats with our individual professional commitments, family life and private matters. The Foundation does not have the resources to hire an Office Manager whose role would include answering the phone.

    That is why we prefer contact via e-mail or the Foundation's messenger, at which point we will reply to your message as soon as possible.

  • 02 If I find a cat, can you come for it and take it away?

    We do not perform the function of an "animal ambulance". If you find an animal that needs immediate help - injured or obviously lost, and you cannot take it home, please contact your local or the Wroclaw Shelter for Homeless Animals.

  • 03 I would like to adopt a cat from your foundation - how and whom shall I to contact in this matter?

    You will find the answer in our Adoption Adoption section. Once you complete the adoption questionnaire, we will contact you within a few days.

  • 05 I sent you a completed adoption questionnaire yesterday and no one has contacted me?

    Please be assured that every adoption questionnaire is handled with promptly, not to mention great enthusiasm! However, our volunteers also work and have family responsibilities. We aim to respond to every questionnaire within a few days of receiving it.

  • 06 What do I have to do to become temporary home for the foundation?

    Write to us on adopcje@kocizakatek.pl and we will contact you to talk about details. More information you can find on Foster care page.

  • 07 Do I have to install a mesh on my balcony before you bring me a cat?

    We have an individual approach on that matter. It depends on the season of the year, number of people staying in your flat etc. But you must commit to do it and we put a date to our adoption contract. We would like to check later if you fulfilled your commitment.

  • 08 I would like to adopt a cat but I can’t do a mesh on my balcony? Do I have a chance?

    You can write down in the adoption questionnaire why you can’t do it. We will reach you to talk about this. There are lots of different means to protect the cat from falling out of the balcony or window and we will be happy to advise you on that. If however you don’t want to do anything we will not adopt a cat to you.

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