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Foster care

It is possible for (almost) anyone.

We often hear:

  • „I can’t take the cat, ’cause I don’t have enough space”
  • „I wish I could help, but I have a cat at home”
  • „I would like to foster, but I am moving to another flat in a couple of months”
  • „my balcony is not protected with a spesial mesh”

While in reality...

Koci Zakątek

One bedroom flat is enough for the cat.

Rescued cat simply needs:

  • safe place to keep warm and dry,
  • regular meals,
  • soft blanket,
  • patient, kind and responsible human being.

It is common for people who help cats, including our volunteers, to host a few cats awaiting adoption and we manage.

If you think that your one bedroom flat is not enough to keep a cat - you are highly mistaken!
Koci Zakątek

If you already have a furry friend at home that does not mean you cannot have two for a while

Excluding the situation of having bad experience with your cat not tolerating or being aggressive towards another one.

If you want to try, please reach us; we will spend some time with you and your cat to get to know you both and match a candidate of a certain age, gender and personality.

Koci Zakątek

You decide for how long you foster, whether it is two months (the minimum) or until the cat finds home.

This information is essential for us; we would like to know in advance if we need to rehome a cat (that is if he/she would not find a forever home while staying with you).

Sometimes a short term option is a big solution if we need to take the cat urgently from the street due to his health or human aggression and we cannot provide any other accommodation.

Naturally we prefer long term agreement as it is better for the cat's well being
and socializing process.
Koci Zakątek

It is quite easy to become a foster home.

When you reach us we will ask you some basic questions: about your experience with cats, about your living conditions. We will ask you for a meeting. If we both agree on the terms of cooperation, we will ask you to sign an agreement on foster care (in English).

We will provide:

  • medical treatment for a cat (organising and financing),
  • cat food and all the necessary equipment for the cat,
  • travelling for scheduled visits if you can't go yourself,
  • conducting adoption process to find a forever home for a cat.

Koci Zakątek

Do you want to become a foster carer?

Contact as via foster care application form

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