Gifts collection

Food and litter

We accept gifts in the form of high-quality cat food or litter all year round! You can order them in online store and provide the address indicated by us as the delivery address or deliver in person. We will confirm the receipt of gifts with a thank you card and photo.

You can also organize a collection of cat food, litter and other accessories for our cats in your company or school. If you have the opportunity and want to take on such a project, please contact us! We will advise you on how to organize it, tell you what we need the most and we will provide you with our promotional materials in support of your campaign.

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photo of hungry cat

Accessories for cats

We need many additional items and equipment to carry out our activities. Many of our stocks deteriorate or diminish over time.

To provide our cats with care, we are in constant need of:

  • litter boxes and spatulas,
  • transport cases,
  • kennel cages,
  • scratch posts,
  • blankets,
  • hygenic pads,
  • toys.
photo of cat food and accesories

Wedding contribution

If you are a cat lover and you believe in our cause, take this opportunity to do something extremely special! Instead of flowers or gifts, ask the guests invited to your Great Event for contribution in the form of monetary donations or cat food.

You can deliver them to us at a later date as part of a "collection among friends" scheme or deposit the collected amount in our bank account with a title "donation for statutory purposes".

photo of cat in the basket

Birthday donations

A great way to celebrate your birthday is to ask your friends, via social media such as Facebook, for donations to the Cat's Corner instead of personalized gifts. Many people are more than willing to support animal-friendly organizations in this manner. Each, even a small amount brings us closer to paying the vet’s invoice or food bill.

photo of cat in the containment cage

Do you want to help in a different way?

See, how you can do that!

All forms of help
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