The extent of your involvement is up to you!

You may consider your strengths, skills or areas of competence and preferences as well as available time and level of commitment when deciding on your role with us.

From long-term commitment to participation in specific projects, activities involving direct contact with cats or online support - the choice is yours.


Shifts in the shelter

Although foster homes are a much more preferred solution, their limited number creates a need for daily care of our rescued cats residing in the Kociniec shelter. They need volunteers for everyday shifts.

The primary duty in managing the shelter is to keep it clean. Even if you are a well-organized person, one duty cycle (independent, without a second person) will take you between 3-4 hours.

The duties include:

  • cleaning and washing of cat litter boxes,
  • cleaning accommodation cages in which some cats are kept in quarantine,
  • housekeeping (kitchen duty, floor mopping, washing, cleaning of scratch posts, etc.),
  • feeding cats,
  • administration of medication as required,
  • socialising cats (playing, learning to touch, etc.).
  • calendar

    Office hours are twice a day, 7 days a week.

    We would be delighted if you could take on a shift once a week!

  • schedule

    The roster schedule is set from week to week.

    You can come on a fixed day or otherwise on a different day every week, depending on your commitments.

  • team

    We provide all "novices" with training.

    experienced person will accompany you on your first shift


Unfortunately, we do not own a car.

We are forced to rely on the generosity of private individuals whenever possible.

We need your help with:

  • driving cats to and from vet visits (alone or with the assistance of a person from the Foundation),
  • transporting cats to temporary and adoption homes,
  • delivering cat food and equipment to the shelter or temporary homes,
  • participating in Trap Neuter Release activities (transportation of volunteers and equipment, as well as captured cats to designated places).
photo of volunteer with the cat

Can you help?

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Adoption process

We are looking for volunteers who, either directly or with the help of the internet, would assist us in cats adoptions

Internet help involves posting adoption announcements on various portals and websites, searching for new web-based adoption posting sites, and maintenance of existing web announcements.

We also need help in the so called pre- and postadoption visits at least once a week. If you enjoy contact with people, have no hesitation to ask questions, are inquisitive but at the same time tactful and are willing to devote your time - we are waiting for you!

photo of cat in the cage

We need responsible and reliable people who, after training, will stay with us for at least 2-3 months, ideally even longer!

Is it a perfect description of you?

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Other forms of volunteering

We also need your support in areas key to the development of our organization, such as:

  • activities,
  • producing multimedia materials,
  • organising and executing of charity events for the Foundation,
  • seeking and establishing relationships with potential partners of the Foundation, such as producers/distributors of pet foods and accessories.
graphic with volunteer and the cats

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You are not able to join us as a volunteer?

You can still help us!

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photo of the cat hold by volunteer