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The Koci Zakatek Foundation was established in 2009 (as the EBRA Foundation). The primary goal of the Foundation is to help sick, injured and abandoned animals. In particular, we focus on taking special care of cats.

We are a member of the Dutch umbrella organization Animal Foundation Platform, uniting animal organizations from around the world.

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We do

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    Neuter feral cats

    - we limit the population of feral cats using TNR technic (trap-neuter-release).

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    Provide medical care

    to the victims of accidents or acts of violence, of viral or chronic diseases and others.

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    Search for homes

    and we find them for about 200 cats per year.

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    fighting with lies and misconceptions about cats; we exhort tolerance and responsibility.

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Prior to adopting a cat from our foundation we would like to get to know you better. Please see it from our perspective. Rescuing cats involves a lot of time, emotions, not to mention expense. It is our responsibility to ensure the best possible match between the potential adopting family and our cats accounting for their safety and level of care.

photo of cat in cage

Adoption process

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    Before we start…

    Read the info below

    We described here everything you should consider before adopting a cat

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    Stage 1

    Fill in the adoption questionnaire

    The questionnaire

    We are asking some basic questions about your experience with animals, safety issues, your preferences about the cat. We need to know in which areas we need to support you. The questionnaire

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    Stage 2

    Pre-adoption meeting

    We would like to meet you in person. We will advise you on the safety arrangements at your place, healthy diet, catification of your flat. This is also a chance for you to ask us some questions.

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    Stage 3

    Meet the cat

    You can meet a cat (or a few of them) in a foster home or our cattery. You will learn about his/her personality, look him/her in the eyes and “check the chemistry”.

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    Stage 4

    Sign up an adoption contract

    When you make up your mind, we will bring the cat to your place and sign a contract to confirm everything we agreed on before.

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Cats for adoption

  • cat to adoption - orinoko


    • Gender: kotka
    • Age: ok. 1,5 roku
    • Fertility: tak
    • Deworming: tak
    • Grafting: tak
  • cat to adoption - lebu


    • Gender: kotka
    • Age: ok. 1,5 roku
    • Fertility: tak
    • Deworming: tak
    • Grafting: tak
  • cat to adoption - chalwa


    • Gender: kotka
    • Age: ok. 4 lata
    • Fertility: tak
    • Deworming: tak
    • Grafting: tak
  • cat to adoption - mumu


    • Gender: kocur
    • Age: ok. 4 lata
    • Fertility: tak
    • Deworming: tak
    • Grafting: tak
  • cat to adoption - wendy


    • Gender: kotka
    • Age: ok. 1,5 roku
    • Fertility: tak
    • Deworming: tak
    • Grafting: tak
  • cat to adoption - jaskier


    • Gender: kocur
    • Age: ok. 2 lata
    • Fertility: tak
    • Deworming: tak
    • Grafting: tak
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How can you help

Support us financially

  • Make a donation

    Make a donation

    You can make a single payment of a donation to our bank account any time of the year or make it regular monthly payment. Each donation is some cat food or a toy or a veterinary invoice paid.

    • Account number: 38 1240 6768 1111 0010 6579 9904
    • BIC (SWIFT) code: PKOP PL PW
    • IBAN: PL 38 1240 6768 1111 0010 6579 9904
    • Payment Name: "darowizna na cele statutowe"
  • Send a donation

    Send a donation

    Use the included form to donate whether it is a single payment or on the regular basis.

  • Send 1,5% of your tax

    Rozliczenie PIT 2022 z oraz IWOP jest możliwe w ramach projektu “ dla OPP”

    Send 1,5% of your tax

    If you work and pay taxes in Poland, you can support us with 1,5% of your tax if you include Koci Zakatek's KRS number in your annual tax statement.

    • Koci Zakatek Foundation, Wroclaw
    • NIP: 8992692671
    • REGON: 021258044
    • KRS: 0000356442
  • Benevity


    If you work in corporation, check if your company participates in this program. If so, you can send a donation directly from yourself or ask your company to do it for us.

    Website of program

Participate in our programs

We invite you to participate in our partner programs and regular fundraising activities.
All acquired proceeds are allocated to cover the costs of our Foundation’s statutory activities.

Get involved in the foundation's activities

  • Volunteering


    You can simply choose what you want to do. It might involve contact with cats at our Cattery or some marketing issues.

    Become a volunteer
  • Foster care

    Foster care

    As a foster carer you help the cat to overcome stress or fear, assist in medical treatment and teach the cat to be involved in a relationship with human.

    Become a foster carer
  • Gifts collection

    Gifts collection

    We always welcome some gifts of essential needs like cat food or litter.

    Organize a collection

Cats in Wroclaw

The population of feral cats in Wroclaw is estimated for 40 000 animals (according to Wroclaw Animal Shelter). Lucky enough for them there are some wonderful people in town, who love animals and take care of the street cats too. Most of them have been doing this for years. We call them officially Voluntary Cat Carers.

They feed, trap and neuter the cats. Unfortunately the reality is still bad and their life is not easy. They often become victims of aggression: from people who don’t like cats, buildings administrators, owners of the land.

Find out about Voluntary Cat Carers rights.

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photo of the feral cat

Wroclaw in numbers

  • around 40 000

    feral cats

  • over 2000

    castrations financed by municipality

  • less than 20

    NGOs and non-formal groups

  • around 100

    cats is in our care monthly

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